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We live in a world of ever depleting resources. Is it really acceptable to capture, transport, filter and chemically treat our most precious resource only to flush it down the toilet? In the UK, this is currently the fate of 30% of our drinkable water.  

At Freeflush, we're challenging the status quo by designing and supplying innovative rainwater harvesting systems. Our design experience has been nurtured through many years working in the water industry on large scale rainwater capture and storage.  We’ve adapted our knowledge, experience and enterprise to address the challenges facing industrial, commercial and domestic users and to optimise our systems for maximum return.

We're committed to the environment and have made our Green Growth Pledge.
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Manchester, Bolton, Liverpool, Preston, Wigan and Warrington
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1 Stothard Road
Manchester, Greater Manchester
M32 9HA
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0161 6671241
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Wall hung water butts
If you’re limited in space, wall hung water butts may be the way to go. They allow you to retain all of your available ground space for other uses. They also have a more slimline design than the ground models, and are therefore more unobtrusive. Since they are higher up, an additional benefit is that they allow you to fill your watering can without bending over.

Unlike the standard water butts, which are placed on the ground, you can use a hose comfortably with these models. If the water butt was on the ground it would be too low to supply the necessary pressure to allow the use of a hose. With a wall mounted water butt the pressure is high enough to allow this, but is still low enough not to blow the petals of your flowers when you’re gardening − the pressure is typically 0.1 bar.
Filters and diverters
Filtration is an integral part of rainwater harvesting systems. Filtration typically removes contaminants such as dust, leaves and organic debris from water butts, tanks and IBCs. Even if the water isn’t being used for drinking it is useful to remove these contaminants as they can cause blockage in the downstream system in the long term. If your diverter does not filter the water, you can place a filter somewhere else in the system − such as on the downpipe and/or in suction inlet of your pump.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
I'm very happy with my rainwater harvesting package from Freeflush. Excellent guidance from the Freeflush team. Looking forward to the summer when I can use it!
ByHayley Poulson
Testimonial #2
Great product. Extremely pleasant and knowledgeable staff, very easy to deal with from start to finish. Would highly recommend. Thanks again.
ByPaul Welsby
Testimonial #3
Provided clear advice on the water container product required for the application which I described and the item was delivered to me within two days.
ByRobert Taylor
Testimonial #4
This is an excellent way to reduce your water use and to save money. Highly recommended.
ByTim J.
Testimonial #5
I am on a water meter & was looking for ways to reduce my bills. Freeflush are really helpful & knowledgable on the subject & after finding out when the savings were I cant believe I didnt approach them sooner! Everything was set up quickly & the water tank discreetly fitted and secured to the house. Excellent service & savings- thanks Freeflush!
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