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Specialists in remedial systems, wall ties and cellar conversions, PAM Ties is a Manchester-based company which has been established since 1991. We offer a fabulous range of hand and power tools, fixings, fasteners and remedial products from Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi, Trend, Stanley and many others.

Initially a small, family-run company, PAM Ties has expanded from wall ties to fixings and power tools, with a vast product range including screws, plugs, heavy anchors, hammers, laser instruments, drills, saws and other machinery necessary for remedial work. We now sell double and triple extension ladders, roof ladders and platform steps. We also supply cellar conversion products and systems for builders and skilled DIYers and provide technical support and advice to enable you to complete any job, however large or small.

We continually strive to improve and advance our range of products in our technical department and believe that we offer you some of the best alternatives available in the market today.

PAM Ties pride themselves on providing exceptional technical advice from friendly and knowledgeable sales staff. There’s always someone at the end of the line who can advise you and find you the right product for your requirements within minutes.

Still a family-run business, we have a strong and committed team who work together like an extended family, ensuring that you will receive consistent and practical advice, whatever your needs. Not only do PAM Ties have the ability and technology to keep ahead of the market, but we also train our operators to current BRE specifications, meaning that you’ll always talk to someone who can offer you the best advice.
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Lime Street
Manchester, Greater Manchester
M29 8EN
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Dampproofing Membrane Kits
If you are looking to find the future of damp proofing, then you have definitely come to the right  place here at PAM Ties. However, if you are not looking for the future of damp proofing, but are looking for a high quality product, then we can also answer your queries with our damp proof  membranes. 
Our damp proofing products can be used from professional tradesmen to any DIY enthusiast out there, they are that easy to use! Our damp proofing membrane is suitable for a variety of surfaces which include brick and rock and is perfect for penetrating those damp areas that are normally hard to get to.
DPC Dampproofing Creams
Our extensive range of PAMDry DPC cream and kits are excellent at stopping capillary action rising damp in its tracks.  Our advanced hybrid siloxane DPC cream is one of the best on the market. PAMDry DPC injection cream is far more effective than a staggering 80% of our competitors' creams! We are constantly striving to improve the performance of our products and our new DPC cream is as good as it gets. Quick and easy to install, they are excellent value for money and contain everything you need to carry out a professional job from start to finish.
When looking to waterproof an area of flooring, or to make this damp proof in case of water spillage or even a flood, then you need to make sure that you buy a reliable product for floor damp proofing. The issue of damp on concrete floors is surprisingly common, and could be a cause of mould in the home, which is obviously not ideal for anyone! In new houses, it is a necessity to install a floor damp proofing membrane in order to enable floors such as wooden ones to be laid over this slab. 

Waterproof or damp proof your floor with our fantastic, low-cost professional solutions.  Same day dispatch!
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
I have just completed the damp proofing, timber treatment and cellar conversion training with PAM ties. It is great course and outstanding value for money. I've learned so much from Paul, his subject knowledge was very evident throughout the day. I feel really confident on delivering a professional service to my customers. I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of getting in to the damp proofing profession. I am looking forward to working with Pam ties innovative products. Thank you A. Brown plastering
ByAnthony Brown
Testimonial #2
As our main supplier for all our damp proofing and wall tie materials at Salford Building Contractors I can honestly say that PAM Ties have always provided an excellent, second to none service to our company. Even us pro's come across a new situation sometimes and these guys are always on the end of the phone to provide advice and material specs. No other supplier comes close. Great work.
ByGeorge Valentine
Testimonial #3
I attended a damp survey course last week. I was very impressed with the knowledge of Paul and the way he put it all across to us.

All in all extremely informative and was just what i needed. If you need trained up on damp and rot dont go anywhere else, great value for money.
ByPete Marshall
Testimonial #4
We use Pam Ties for both our Facilities Management and Construction companies in our group and have done for around 18 months. Always had excellent service, good customer service and great fast delivery. Highly recommend!
ByAbigail Mather
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